Dentist in San Jose

Where can I find a dentist in San Jose?

If you are looking for an experienced dentist in San Jose, make Halliday Dentistry your premier source for general, family, and cosmetic services in the area. With over 25 years of professional experience, their team of dentists provides a comprehensive range of dentistry services for patients of all ages. Whether you require routine preventive care, or the most advanced restorative, emergency, prosthetic or cosmetic treatments, their talented staff is prepared to bring out the best in your smile. Dedicated to remaining abreast of the latest technology and techniques in the field, they go the extra mile to make sure that you’re benefiting from the foremost advances in modern dentistry.

Dentist in San Jose

Your dentist in San Jose places an emphasis on preventive oral healthcare and uses time-tested techniques for helping you to avoid the development of the most common dental conditions. When patients schedule comprehensive oral exams and professional teeth cleanings every six months or so, your dentist can diagnose adverse dental conditions early on when they are easiest to treat. If you have been suffering from oral pain, be it from an aching tooth, jaw pain, injury, or damaged dental prosthesis, your dentist provides all around exceptional quality care, from treatment to restoration of your smile. Making use of only the highest dental grade materials, whether you are in need of restorative fillings, dental crowns, custom bridges, dentures, or implants, fabricated with the utmost realism, you will be in excellent hands at their San Jose dental office.

For the many patients interested in cosmetic services, your dentist in San Jose offers the most advanced solutions. From professional grade teeth whitening to bonding and complete smile makeovers with porcelain dental veneers, you will have options to chose that are state of the art, whether you want to whiten your teeth or completely makeover your smile. If you would like to benefit from the comprehensive dentistry services provided at Halliday Dentistry, call the Drs. Halliday at the number listed below!


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